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Doing more for HomeBuilders

HomeBond is the leading provider of structural defect cover for new homes in the Republic of Ireland since 1978.

HomeBond provides three services for Home Builders:

HomeBond Insurance

HomeBond provides HomeBond Insurance through HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd underwritten by Allianz plc. HomeBond Insurance is structural defect insurance with deposit and stage payment cover for new homes. Once the Certificate of Insurance (Final Certification) is issued, HomeBond Insurance provides financial cover* for relevant structural and relevant defects, should they arise. The Policy covers*:

  • Structural Defects
    Cover for 10 years in respect of the repair of major structural defects.
  • Smoke Penetration / Water Ingress
    Cover for 5 years in respect of remedial work in the event of water ingress / smoke penetration caused by major structural defects.
  • Deposits & Stage Payments
    Cover for the loss of money deposited for the construction or purchase of a new home.

Why choose HomeBond Insurance?

HomeBond Insurance is structural defect insurance with deposit and stage payment cover. Once the Certificate of Insurance (Final Certification) is issued, HomeBond provides cover for relevant structural and water ingress / smoke penetration defects*. Should a claim be made under the policy it will be underwritten by Allianz plc (Allianz plc will not counterclaim* against HomeBond members with respect to such claims).
HomeBond Insurance is underwritten by Allianz plc, one of the world’s leading insurance providers.
HomeBond Insurance is competitively priced.
HomeBond Insurance is backed up by HomeBond’s extensive technical services team thereby ensuring HomeBond Members get the advice they need when they need it.
The HomeBond name is well recognised by Home Buyers.

Inspection & Technical Advice Services

HomeBond provides Home Builders with technical advice and inspection services.

Building Energy Rating & Air Tightness Testing Services

HomeBond Technical provides BER Assessments and Air Tightness Testing for new and existing dwellings. Under BER legislation, a BER must be provided with all new dwellings when sold or leased, and from 1st January 2009, the legislation also applies to existing properties, again when any property is rented or sold. Air Tightness testing is required for dwellings under Building Regulations Part L 2007, except for those dwellings which are exempted by the Transitional arrangements.


HomeBond Technical Services Ltd. publish its House Building Manual.

Training / Building Regulations Training Programme


HomeBond now offers a Building Regulations Training Programme, through HomeBond Technical Services Ltd., to meet the needs of builders, developers, construction managers, on-site staff, design professionals and construction sector students.

Click on link for Brochure: http://www.homebond.ie/uploads/Building Regulations Training Programme - 180412.pdf