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Test your Building Regulations Knowledge

Welcome to the HomeBond Test your building regulations knowledge. This short quiz will test your building regulations knowledge. It should only take 5 minutes to complete and see how well you know the regulations. The best of luck.

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The Building Control Act of what year is considered the primary legislation?

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How many Technical Guidance documents are there?

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When did the current TGD D come into effect?

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What is the minimum depth to the bottom of a standard strip foundation from ground level?

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What is the National Reference for Radon in houses?

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At what centres should bridging be provided when span is greater than 2.7m?

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What is the minimum bearing for lintels with spans less than 1.5m?

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For plywood and chipboard fixings should be a minimum of what penetration in to the support?

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What is the maximum overhang of a gable ladder before specialist design required?

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What is the typical minimum size of primary bearer for water cistern support in a truss roof?

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What is the desired service life in years for Preservative Pre Treatment for a wall plate?

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What minimum gap should be left at the edge of plywood and wall junction?

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Fire separation between a garage and the dwelling should be a minimum of?

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Which of the following is not a means of providing a cavity barrier?

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Which of the following is not a necessary component of a fire-fighting shaft installation?

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Which of the following is not deemed a relevant boundary by Technical Guidance Document B for the purposes of compliance with Regulation B4?

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The minimum step up from a garage directly in to a dwelling is?

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The maximum total unprotected area of a small residential building within 1m of a boundary is?

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HomeBond allows the construction of conventional masonry chimneys in a timber frame party wall?

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What thickness of no-combustible board is required in a soffit box?

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What is the minimum projection of a hearth from the front face of the chimney breast?

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The extract ventilation for a bathroom is?

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What is maximum elemental U-Value of a pitched roof under TGD L 2011?

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External doors, windows & roof lights should have a maximum U-value of?

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Biomass boilers should have a minimum efficiency of?

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How long is a BER valid for if no changes are made to the structure?

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Independent Time & Independent Temperature Zone Controls are required in Dwellings greater than?

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Where a pipe does not meet the minimum cover requirements as stated in Table 8 of TGD H what is the minimum cover of concrete encasement?

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Rainfall designs should cater for a rainfall intensity of what?

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What is the minimum clear space to be provided at the bottom of a domestic stairs?

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