How do I join?

Joining HomeBond is a straightforward 4-step process. HomeBond has two categories of membership:

BUILDER MEMBER – This category of membership is for Applicants - individuals or organisations - who are building dwellings either to sell or for a client, whether that be a private individual or a Developer.

DEVELOPER MEMBER – This category of membership is for Applicants - individuals or businesses - who promote the building of residential development for sale but who don’t carry out the actual building work. Developers must employ HomeBond registered house builders to carry out the actual construction of the dwellings.

The steps in joining are:

Step 1: Complete Application Form

A membership Application Pack can be obtained by calling 1850 306 300 or by emailing info@HomeBond.ie.

Once you receive the Application Pack, you should complete and return the Application Form with the appropriate fee as outlined below:

Type of Membership
Amount (exc. 23% VAT)
First Time Membership Application Fee**
Associate Membership Application Fee***

Once you have been accepted as a HomeBond Member there will be an Annual Membership Fee (you don’t have to pay this fee in your first calendar year as it is included in your application fee) which is outlined below.

** This amount includes the first year’s annual membership fee.
*** This is when there is a membership history between your company and HomeBond.

Annual Fee

Type of Membership
Amount (exc. 23% VAT)
Subsequent Years Annual Membership Fee

Step 2: Technical Assessment

On your Application Form you should provide a reference site for HomeBond to inspect. Our local Housing Advisor will complete the technical assessment. If the applicant is, or has been, a Director or Shareholder of a HomeBond registered company, the Technical Assessment may not be required, in which case you automatically move to Step 3. In the case of a Developer a Technical Assessment is not required as the Home Builder used by the Developer must be a Member of HomeBond. At this stage we will also send you a complimentary copy of the House Building Manual and Right on the Site folder and leaflets.

Step 3: Offer of Membership

Upon completion of a successful Technical Assessment you will be offered HomeBond Membership, subject to satisfying HomeBond’s Terms and Conditions.

Step 4: Membership

When membership is confirmed we will issue you with your Member Number and Membership Certificate. Once you have received your membership details you can register dwellings.

PLEASE NOTE: Home Builders should apply for membership prior to commencement of a project to give sufficient time for the application to be processed.

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