Building Control Services

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 introduced strict procedural requirements at Commencement Notice stage and mandatory inspections and certificate of construction. Managing a number of building control services providers can be difficult, costly and time consuming; and HomeBond are uniquely placed to offer a customised and/or one-stop shop for a range of building control requirements. The provision of Building Control services involves an assessment of each site/development and a specific quotation will be provided for each project.

Design Certifier

In collaboration with the Clients lead designer, our role as Design Certifier typically consists of:

  • Attendance of client design team meetings
  • Liaising with Ancillary Design Certifiers pre-commencement
  • Plan and specification verification
  • Issuing the Certificate of Compliance (Design) and ancillary schedule of design elements.
  • Liaising with the Assigned Certifier and Ancillary Design Certifiers during construction
  • Issuing, where relevant, a Certificate of Compliance (Design Completion).

Assigned Certifier

Utilising our experienced team of inspectors and support, our role as Assigned Certifier typically involves:

  • Attendance at Client design team & site meetings
  • Assessment of the Certificate of Compliance (Design) and Ancillary Design Certificates
  • Assessment of plans against the requirements of Building Regulation/Building Control Regulations
  • Lodgement of Commencement Notices and ancillary documents
  • Inspection of construction at relevant key stages
  • Co-ordination of BCAR compliance
  • Management of the lodgement and uploading of documentation at Completion stage
  • Issuing a Certificate of Compliance (Completion)

10 Reasons for choosing HomeBond Building Control?

  • Strong values that underline out commitment to building lasting customer relationships
  • Impartial oversight at all times
  • Expert knowledge of compliance requirements
  • Broad experience across the complete range of residential developments
  • Practical and commercial advice
  • Competitive pricing with significant volume discounts
  • Discount on HomeBond Insurance
  • Experienced Director led multi-disciplinary Technical Staff
  • One point of contact for all Building Control compliance
  • Proactive, adaptable and flexible approach