Home Buyers

For most people, the purchase of a new home is the biggest investment they are likely to make. It is vital therefore that this asset is protected. HomeBond Insurance is not a luxury but an essential protection. HomeBond helps the Home Buyer protect their investment in a number of ways:

HomeBond Insurance

We now offer 2 no. insurance policies – Essential 300 suitable for duplexes, houses & low-rise apartment developments, and Essential 500 suitable for mid-rise or high-rise apartment developments; with increased limits of cover & various periods of cover now available under each policy.

The below Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) outlines the main benefits and restrictions to cover for our LDI policies.

Essential 300 IPID

Essential 300

Insurance Product Information Document – Essential 300

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Essential 500 IPID

Essential 500

Insurance Product Information Document – Essential 500

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Latent Defects Insurance + Mechanical & Electrical Inherent Defects Insurance

Why choose HomeBond Insurance?

HomeBond Insurance provides Home Buyers with insurance cover, HSB Engineering Insurance Limited.
HomeBond Insurance is underwritten byHSB Engineering Insurance Limited, one of the world’s leading insurance providers.
HomeBond Insurance is designed to provide Home Buyers with a fast and effective claim resolution.
HomeBond Insurance is backed up by HomeBond’s large technical services team.
HomeBond is an established Irish company and recognised brand name.