In this section we detail how a Home Buyer may make a claim under HomeBond Insurance, in the unlikely event that there is a defect in the dwelling. If your home was registered with HomeBond on or before the 31st October 2008 please click on the link below for further information.

Click here for Information on making a claim for a home registered on or before the 31st October 2008.

HomeBond Insurance Claims Procedure

Step 1
If you find that you have a problem in your dwelling which you feel should be dealt with under HomeBond Insurance the policyholder should refer to the Policy issued on their dwelling to ascertain if the problem is covered. If in doubt call or email HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd. to report the problem.

Step 2
If the matter is deemed to warrant investigation HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd will issue a letter to the policyholder with a Claim Form for completion.

Step 3
On receipt of the completed Claim Form, HomeBond’s Customer Service team will then instruct a HomeBond Technical Advisor to inspect the alleged damage and ascertain the scope of the remedial work.

Step 4
After the investigations are completed, , HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd. will inform / write to the policyholder with Claim Settlement Report.

Step 5
Subject to the agreement of the policyholder HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd., will issue payment in conclusion of the claim.