HomeBond now offers a Building Regulations Training Programme, through HomeBond Technical Services Ltd., to meet the needs of builders, developers, construction managers, on-site staff, design professionals and construction sector students.

HomeBond is the leading provider of structural defect cover for new homes in the Republic of Ireland since 1978 and to-date more than 650,000 homes have been registered with HomeBond’s warranty and insurance schemes. HomeBond’s best selling ‘House Building Manual’ is considered the house-builders bible and is a standard reference book on construction sites and in third level construction related courses.

The increasing complexity of the Building Regulations and the proposed Building Control (Amendment) Regulations will make it critical for all in the residential construction sector to have an in-depth understanding of the relevant legislation. It is anticipated that the proposed Building Control (Amendment) Regulations will provide for mandatory certificates of compliance by designers and builders, and for the lodgement of plans and particulars which demonstrate how compliance with all requirements of the Building Regulations is achieved by a building. This will be a significant change to the Building Control system in Ireland and the Building Regulations Training Programme offered by HomeBond will provide technical and practical training to meet the needs of attendees.