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Building Energy Rating, DEAP Calculations & Airtightness Testing Services

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The Requirements

Why do you need a Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment, DEAP Calculations, Air Tightness test, Domestic Ventilation Validation or a Technical Assessment?


Under BER legislation, a BER must be provided with all new dwellings to be sold or rented, and since 1st January 2009, the legislation also applies to existing properties when any property is rented or sold. A BER cert is also required by the SEAI to receive any grant funding for works completed by registered SEAI contractors.

For a homeowner that wishes to have a Technical Assessment, they must already have a valid BER cert or will require a new cert to be published before undertaking the Technical Assessment.

DEAP Calculations
Part L of the Building Regulations requires compliance with the energy performance, carbon emissions and renewable energy ratio of all new dwellings to be demonstrated by using the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) calculation tool. The calculation should ideally be done before work commences to ensure compliance is achieved.

Airtightness Testing
Air Tightness testing is required for all new dwellings under Building Regulations Part L 2019, except for those dwellings which are exempted by the Transitional arrangements.

Domestic Ventilation Validation
It is a requirement of the Building Regulations Part F (2019) for all dwellings to have ventilation systems validated after being installed, balanced, and commissioned. The benefits of Domestic Ventilation Validation are far-reaching in terms of energy efficiency of the dwelling improvement and indoor air quality improvement, providing enhanced comfort and health benefits to the occupant. Homeowners can be reassured that, at the time of validation, the ventilation system as installed in the dwelling provided the minimum ventilation rates as required under TGD to Part F – Ventilation (2019) of the Building Regulations.

Heat Pump Technical Assessments
A Technical Assessment is required for a homeowner who wishes to upgrade their old boiler heating system to a heat pump system. The Technical Assessment involves reviewing the heat loss levels of a dwelling and targets to improve the dwelling fabric to a comfortable level where the heat pump can operate efficiently and effectively as is feasible. Further information is available to download here.

What we offer?

Building Energy Rating, DEAP Calculations & Airtightness Testing Services
HomeBond Technical carries out BER Assessments, DEAP Calculations, Air Tightness Testing, Domestic Ventilation Validations and Technical Assessments for dwellings.

Why use HomeBond for these Energy Services?

Expertise and Experience
Homebond’s Technical Team has extensive experience and knowledge of residential construction and the related energy requirements for dwellings. HomeBond assessors are registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI). Homebond’s Testers and Technical Advisors are registered with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) .

Cost Effective
Homebond’s Energy Services are competitively priced – particularly if services are required for multiple dwellings.

HomeBond Technical has detailed processes in place for delivery of all services.

Further Information

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