Register Dwellings

Step 1

All Dwellings must be registered with HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd. before work commences, using the Building Registration Proposal Form (BRPF). This form must be completed and returned to HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd, along with the appropriate fee and documents as requested on the form, three weeks before construction starts.

Step 2

Upon receipt of the completed Building Registration Proposal Form (BRPF)and fee, HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd will issue the Member with the initial registration documents, including a copy of INS10 – Certificate of Insurance (Registration).

Step 3

The next step is to request the inspections at the appropriate times. Be sure to read our Inspection Procedures Information.

Step 4

If HomeBond Insurance Services Ltd is satisfied that the dwelling complies with the required standards a Certificate of Insurance (Final Certification) will be issued.

Other Inspections can be carried out at the request of the Member.