Home Builders can’t afford to simply rely on the strong demand for new homes when it comes to achieving the best price for their houses and apartments. Nor is location or the quality of the finish the only factors which determine which homes buyers will chose. The reputation and reliability of the builder and developer are also important factors.

Increasingly Home Builders recognise the value of their reputation being easily identifiable by means of a brand identity. This is because the most successful businesses are conscious that buyers seek out brands when making purchasing decisions. Buyers select well-known brands to identify quality and reduce the perceived purchasing risk.

For those builders whose brands are not well known the HomeBond warranty provides considerable reassurance to prospective home buyers. Consequently the HomeBond brand has a proven track record as a symbol of credibility with buyers who require peace of mind when purchasing their most valuable investment.

Now HomeBond is helping its members to leverage the strength of the HomeBond brand name in their marketing in order to promote housing sales. Members can display the HomeBond logo in their advertisements, brochures, annual reports, promotional material, websites and housing site signage.

To facilitate Home Builders in leveraging the HomeBond brand, we have developed a NEW HomeBond Marketing Kit. It consists of:

  • HomeBond Logo Images in various formats to allow you incorporate HomeBond logo into your development advertisements, promotional material, websites and housing site signage.
  • HomeBond branded promotional gifts including key rings to enhance the presentation of that vital symbol of a new home
  • You can directly link your website to the HomeBond website

For further information on the HomeBond Marketing Kit or any HomeBond marketing related questions call the marketing team at 01 491 5000 or email: